Legislation and Policy – Guidance

We’ve updated our information relating to Legislation and Policy pertaining to hazel dormice. We are sharing with you this information over a series of Legislation and Policy related blog posts. Alternatively all of the updated information can be found here: https://hampshiredormousegroup.co.uk/about-dormice/legislation-policy/

Here is further guidance relating to hazel dormouse:


Further guidance on the treatment of Hazel Dormice in the planning system is set out in summary on the Government’s website https://www.gov.uk/hazel-dormice-protection-surveys-and-licences

However, this guidance is largely unhelpful, and more comprehensive advice is provided in the Natural England Dormouse Conservation Handbook (2nd Ed, 2006), and a later Interim Guidance Note released by NE.

Further to the above, Government Circular 06/05 (which at the time of writing was still extant) advises that the presence of a protected species is a material consideration when determining a development proposal, and the extent to which they may be affected by a proposed development should be established before permission is granted.

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