Legislation and Policy – Conservation Status

We’ve updated our information relating to Legislation and Policy pertaining to hazel dormice. We are sharing with you this information over a series of Legislation and Policy related blog posts. Alternatively all of the updated information can be found here: https://hampshiredormousegroup.co.uk/about-dormice/legislation-policy/

Here is information on the conservation status of hazel dormouse:

Conservation Status

IUCN status was revised in 2009: M. avellanarius is now ‘of least concern’, whereas previously it was ‘low risk (near threatened)’. This change is predominantly due to the observation that in Lithuania it is a common and widespread species, and no decline has been observed.  In parts of its northern range (e.g., UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Denmark) populations are declining and fragmented as a result of habitat loss and fragmentation.

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