Suggested kit list

What kit is needed for a dormouse survey?
  • One nest box hole bung- make sure you only take one into the wood and bring one out again
  • Perspex slide to cover nest box when checking to allow to see inside if required
  • Large strong plastic bags to place nest boxes in – available from The Mammal Society, Polybags or Clingfoil. Some aquariums may give you bags for free.
  • Small bags to place dormice in
  • Scales- Pesola scales weighing up to 50g
  • Notebook/forms
  • Pen/pencil
  • Thin wire for some nest box lids
  • Wire to put up nest boxes- 6 core telephone or alarm cable is good as it has a bit of give making it easy to take boxes up and down
  • Wire cutters
  • Scraper to clean nest boxes
A guide to kit for checking dormouse nest boxes
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