Resources, Guidance and Links

There is some very good information on general dormouse ecology, habitat management and dormouse science at

Peoples Trust for Endangered Species manage the National Dormouse Database (NDD) and the National Dormouse Monitoring Programme (NDMP) and co-ordinate much of the conservation work on dormice in England.

The Mammal Society organise training courses to help interested people work towards their dormouse licence.

Dormouse Groups

Bedfordshire Dormouse Group
Berkshire Mammal Group
Cheshire Dormouse Project
Derbyshire Dormouse Project
Devon Mammal Group
Dorset Mammal Group
Herefordshire Mammal Group
Kent Mammal Group – contact Hazel Ryan of Wildwood
Lincolnshire Dormouse Group
Little Linford Wood and North Bucks Dormouse Group
Shropshire Mammal Group
Somerset Mammal Group
Southend Dormouse Group
Surrey Dormouse Group – contact Dave Williams of Surrey Wildlife Trust
Sussex Dormouse Group – contact Penny Green of Sussex Records Centre
Warwickshire Dormouse Group
Wiltshire Mammal Group

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