What training opportunities are there?

As a member of Hampshire Dormouse Group you can receive training to become a dormouse monitor, or learn to spot signs of dormice and how to help dormouse in your area.

There are a number of opportunities to learn about dormouse ecology and to develop survey skills, including ageing, sexing and handling dormice.  There are also opportunities to train for your own dormouse licence using the dormouse training log.

There are committee members who hold their own dormouse licence and are happy to take out others to gain experience of conducting dormouse checks at National Dormouse Monitoring Programme sites within the county, but please be aware that these opportunities are limited due to only a few of the surveys within the county being managed by HDG committee members.

We hold training courses each year on dormouse ecology and survey techniques.

hazel dormouse in canopy

There are opportunities to train as a dormouse monitor with the Hampshire Dormouse Group

What training materials are there?
About dormice

To learn more about dormice, their ecology, conservation and monitoring please visit our about dormice pages. These pages provide information on dormice, their diet, habitat, legislation and the law, lifecycle, threats, range and distribution, as well as further resources, guidance and links.

Training videos

To discover more about dormouse monitoring and the role of a dormouse monitor we recommend the training videos produced by the Peoples Trust for Endangered Species which can be found at the links to the right.

Dormouse Training Log Book

Get started with you dormouse training by downloading a copy of the dormouse training log book. Become a member and join us on our box checks to gain experience and complete the log book to work towards a dormouse licence.

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