What events are there?

Come along and join The Hampshire Dormouse Group at our next event, to learn more about dormice, our conservation work and even make a pom-pom dormouse to take home! The group organises events throughout the year for both members and the public including training sessions, social events, group meetings, committee meetings and the annual general meeting.

Public events

We attend a series of public events such as Woodfairs and Wildlife Days. Please check our blog to keep up-to-date on upcoming events. We often write blog posts on public events that we have previously attended, you can find these on our blog under the ‘events’ category.

public event dormouse pom pom children

Children enjoying their ‘pom-pom’ dormice made at public event

Hampshire Dormouse Group public event

Hampshire Dormouse Group at a public event. Photo credit: Sir George Young


Further details on dates of these events and training can be found on our calendar.

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