Activities for Children
  • Create your own very cute pom-pom dormouse by following these pom-pom dormouse instructions
  • Have fun colouring in your very own dormouse with our dormouse colouring sheet
  • Why not collect leaves to create a natural collage as habitat for your dormouse creations?
  • Don’t forget to send us a photo of your creations!
create pompom dormouse activity children kids

Instructions on how to make a ‘pom-pom’ dormouse

colour in dormouse colouring kids activity

Colour in your very own hazel dormouse with this picture

Activities for Adults
  • Easily make your own dormouse nest tubes from old drinks cartons with this nest carton design.
  • Create your own dormouse nest box with this sliding top, front fixing box design. (Source: PTES).
dormouse nest carton design

Create dormouse nest tubes using drinks cartons


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