The diet of the hazel dormouse varies throughout the year and demonstrates the importance of a variety of shrubs and trees in the habitat they live in.  Early in their waking year, dormice will feed on the pollen and nectar of flowers of species including hawthorn, honeysuckle and sycamore, moving to other species as the flowers become available, such as bramble.

Over summer, insects form an important part of the diet, as there are fewer flowers available on woodland or hedgerow shrubs and trees, and in late summer and autumn, beech nuts, hazelnuts, seeds and berries are a key food, allowing dormice to fatten up ready for hibernation over winter.

dormouse chewed hazel nuts

Dormouse chewed hazel nuts

dog rose hips dormouse diet food

Dog rose hips are part of the dormouse diet

bramble berry dormouse diet food

Bramble forms part of the dormouse diet

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